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24th to 27th of November 2022
Spain    Navarre   Berrioplano

Gustavo Rosas

Joseba Pagola

Gustavo Dicri

Claudio Cardona y Vito Muñoz

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24/11 - 27/11 _ 2022
Milongas until sunrise...

Colourful and enjoyable days and nights, with milongas until sunrise which Joseba and Bakartxo offer you the following 24, 25, 26 and 27 of  November 2022, at Pamplona El Toro Hotel & Spa ****


You will enjoy and dance till sunrise in the heart of Navarre, in the village of Berrioplano, which is 7km from Pamplona.

500m2 ballroom and wooden floorboard for lessons and milongas at Pamplona El Toro Hotel & Spa ****, a building which allows us to stare at the breathtaking scenery of Berrioplano,  thanks to its extraordinay setting. 

All activities will take place within the hotel facilities.



Pamplona El Toro Hotel & Spa ****

4 stars hotel located in the village of Berrioplano, 7km from Pamplona, capital of Navarra. It is a hotel with a rustic - Provencal atmosphere.

  • Free outdoor private parking. 

It has 62 fully renovated rooms. They are all exterior, with excellent views and large windows.

*The hotel is reserved only for the "Baztango en estado puro" fare.



Claudio Cardona y Vito Muñoz
Gustavo Rosas
Gustavo Dicri
Joseba Pagola
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  19:00-21:00 _      


Thursday, 24th of November


Milonga with

Welcome cocktail



Dj Gustavo Dicri



Friday, 25th of November  

Evening milonga with hot chocolate and biscuits.


Gustavo Dicri,

Gustavo Rosas  y

Joseba Pagola


Milonga + danceshow with Claudio Cardona & Vito Muñoz

Dj: Joseba Pagola

Saturday, 26th of November


Sider tasting competition with “Kumbancha” Cuban music Orchestra

Sunday, 27th of November


Lunch with music to dance

Farewell Milonga                                      Djs Joseba Pagola




Dj Gustavo Rosas

Past Events


12:45-14:15 A_

Friday, 25th of November  


Elements to work improvisation

Intermediate - Advanced Level (Claudio & Vito)

16:30-18:00 B_

WALTZ: Sequences adapted to the Waltz

Intermediate - Advanced Level (Claudio & Vito)

16:30-18:00 C_

Saturday, 26th of November


Our favourite movements

Intermediate - Advanced Level (Claudio & Vito)

Friday, 25th November  

Introduction and Bases.

Differences in formats: mp3, wav, Vinyl, HiRes

Equipment connection (mini plug-plug, XLR-RCA)

Connection through a sound card. Setting

Plan B. (Be prepared for option 1 to fail)

DJ Grade _ 4h 30 min

Coursed in 3 modules of 1:30h each.

12:45 - 14:15h 1_



Saturday, 26th November


Tango, Waltz and Milongas.

Differences of the Orchestras.

The Tandas, (creation)

The cortinas (Choice of music)

16:30 - 18:00h 2_

The Vinyl. How to play music with records.

Format handling. The spikes.

Connection of the trays to the mixer.

12:45-14:15h 3_

Gustavo Rosas
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BAZTANGO EN ESTADO PURO: Full-board accomodation in a double room (includes thurday dinner and sunday lunch) + welcome cocktail + evening milonga with hot chocolate + cider tasting with the Cuban rhythm + milonga tickets + farewell milonga and lunch 365€/pers.
D´ARIENZO: 3 milonga nights + evening milonga with hot chocolate + cider tasting with the Cuban rhythm + farewell milonga and lunch 150€
TROILO:  2 milonga nights + cider tasting with the Cuban rhythm + farewell milonga and lunch 125€
PUGLIESE: 3 milonga nights + farewell milonga and lunch: 125€
DI SARLI:  2 milonga nights + farewell milonga and lunch: 100€
CANARO:  3 milonga nights: 80€
1 Class: 25€ _ Classes 40€ _ Classes 50€    
Dj Grade: 4,5h 70€
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Incriptions and payments

Contact with us

On the telephone: 658 758 452 ó 650 487 971


Sending an e-mail to:, indicating the chosen fare and which lessons you want to take.


The reservation will be comfirmed with the bank domiciliation to the account of BAZTANGO María Soledad y Jose Maria) of BANCO SANTANDER

National inputs:  

Nº  ES54 0049 5909 35 2116066186

International inputs:   SWIFT Code + IBAN Code:

BSCH ESMM ES54 0049 5909 3521 1606 6186

Thanks! Message sent.

Cancellation policy

* Until 31th October : Refund of 75% of the chosen rate.

* From 1st November   

   to 18th November

Refund of 50% of the chosen rate.

* After 18th November : No refunds will be made after this date.

The Conference

Photo Gallery

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